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Warm congratulations SAGA06 held year-end summary and assessment of the NPC


According to the traditional company, the annual year-end summary and recommendation conference in 2007, held on March 17, 18, two days, this is the entire SAGA with staff over the past year of working passion collision calm summarization convention, and summary and reflection makes us to create a new start in the New Year, new step. On March 17, 14 a 2006 annual summary meeting, the meeting chairman Chen Yu hao, deputy general manager zhou treasures respectively made the driving force and source of vitality, the company built to last ", "about 6 years order operation and 07 order operation goal of the report excellent speech. On 18 March 14 (general meeting in 2006, when the chairman announced at the meeting the manager level meeting elected recommendation list: performance outstanding manager prize winner to deputy general manager zhou treasures, Deng Huisheng, outstanding department manager Huang Guyuan prize winner for the material control manager, model for stereo Pan Mingjiang workshop supervisor. By the workers' representatives and representatives attend selection, determine the following outstanding team and outstanding staff: excellent team: LCD workshop, the finance department, purchasing department electronic group of good staff: such as a prize: Yang Yanhua, WeiHuaZhang, FuWeiLi, Angela tsang prize: zhou yong, ZhuGuangCheng, Luo Guichun, yan chong, druid peak, Liu Hongming Three awards such as: hai-yan tan, tain yuan tong, XiaoGuoWu, xiao-fang luo, RuanQun party, yong-hai zhang, cao army, Ma Yuancheng Foshan nanhai grand and audio equipment co., LTD

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