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M87-884 power amplifier





Japan in the sound "classic" amplifiers M87-884, by the brand-new appearance: intermediate brand marriola, new logo printed on both sides of product nameplate, amplifier adopts aluminum side panel before, using the international general identification of a variety of functions and terminal mark more intuitive level.




Circuit has adopted the new concise the front-end circuit, the audio signal loss less and keep more details, the amplifier output power supply circuit and protect circuit are made more perfect performance improvement; Sound performance than the previous generation of M87-881 has better high frequency resolving power, more transparent fine intermediate frequency reduction, more strong and clear in the low frequency performance; Sound field reduction of voices and Musical Instruments like the ability to better, all kinds of Musical Instruments imaging reduction ratio appropriate, reasonable placement.




M87-884 power amplifier has a high cost performance, and higher prices of imported machine on the performance and function of application has the ability to compete with them, dealers welcome for consulting and audition.




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